I’ll never forget the birthday cakes my mum used to make my sister and I.
Always hand crafted as per our requests or my mum’s latest find in her favourite magazine. Those handmade cakes were her special gift to us on our birthday and made them all the more memorable. A slice of love straight from the heart!

I have always loved to eat and my love of food and entertaining turned into a career when my dream of opening my own Cafe became a reality and Vanille Cafe and Patisserie was born. Being self-taught my creativity and quirky approach to food became my biggest asset. Lucy’s Cake Shop begun here as a part of Vanille and continues…

Making special occasions special through the food is what I love to do!
Bespoke creations are my forte and I love creating unique and individual expressions of my clients through cake and confectionery. Bring me your inspiration and we can create a cake for your special celebration.